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Certificate IV in Fitness

The fastest way to become a qualified Personal Trainer

ACFPT is proud to release our Fast Track entry into Certificate IV in Fitness to rocket you into the Personal Training industry, fully qualified and ready to take on your own clients.

This course will cover prerequisite units of competency from SIS30321 Certificate III in Fitness and units from SIS40221 Certificate IV in Fitness. This is the perfect course if you’re looking to get started with a Nationally Recognised Qualification and become a PT able to work anywhere in Australia.

Take control of your learning journey with the flexibility to study online at your own pace. Certificate III in Fitness includes 40 hours of Work Placement. Once complete, you’ll move on to units from Certificate IV including an additional 60 hours of Work Placement. Upon successful completion of all units and work placement hours, you’ll receive your nationally recognised qualification. View All Units

Throughout the duration of the course, you will have access to a trainer to answer any questions about the material. You’ll also gain valuable experience in:

  • Leading group fitness sessions and crafting individual training programs.
  • Navigating legal and risk management requirements for small businesses, focusing on personal training and group exercise scenarios.
  • Planning and delivering functional movement and capacity to your personal training clients.
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Proud member
AUSactive is the association for Australia’s exercise and active health professionals.


AUSactive is the association for Australia’s exercise and active health professionals.

What You Will Learn

This qualification will provide you with advanced skills and knowledge to work effectively in the fitness industry.

  • Instruct exercise to young people, adults, and elderly adults
  • Establish and maintain professional practice for fitness instruction
  • Assess client movement and provide exercise advice
  • Plan and instruct group exercises sessions

  • Support healthy eating for individual fitness clients
  • Establish legal and risk management requirements of new business ventures
  • Research and develop business plans
  • Develop and instruct personalised exercise programs for adolescent clients
  • Develop and instruct strength and conditioning programs

Career Outcomes

Upon completion, you’ll be equipped for various career paths, including:

  • Personal Trainer

    Work with local gyms or fitness centres, training groups or individual clients to help them achieve their health and fitness goals.

  • Start Your Own Personal Training Business

    Be your own boss! Choose when and where you work and build a client network, expanding at your own pace as you find more clients to coach.

  • Group Exercise Instructor

    Organise and deliver group fitness classes in fitness facilities, gyms, leisure and community centres, or outdoors.

Nationally Recognised Qualification

The Australian College of Fitness and Personal Training provides qualifications within the Australian Qualifications Framework – AQF is the national policy for regulated qualifications in Australian vocational education and training. You can find out more about the Australian College of Fitness and Personal Training nationally recognised courses and the Australian Qualifications Framework on the AQF website. We take the time to understand each learner’s personal circumstances and career aspirations to provide a personalised training experience.

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ACFPT’s SIS40221 Certificate IV in Fitness is just $1499 upfront to get you started on the road to becoming a personal trainer.

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We believe that no online nationally recognised qualification should cost thousands of dollars.

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Our Learning Material and Learning Management System are designed with you in mind. Studying is flexible and easy.

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Our Learning Material and Learning Management System are designed with you in mind. Studying is flexible and easy. Download learning material as PDF to take with you offline or on the go.

Interactive Learning Experience

Interactive Learning Experience VR

ACFPT is proud to announce the launch of our Interactive Learning Experience for students. Study in VR! More Info on VR learning

Course Details


Our course is designed to be flexible, giving you up to 18 months to complete it at your own comfortable pace. And the best part? You have the freedom to finish earlier than 18 months if you’re ready to dive in and learn! If you need a bit more time, you can extend it for an extra 6 months.

Fast Turnaround

There’s nothing worse than waiting months for your assignments to be marked. We endeavour for assignments to be returned 10 business days from submission. The support team are available from 8am until 6pm to support learners who have family and working commitments.

Specialised Training

The Australian College of Fitness & Personal Training provides training for the Fitness Industry with customised online courses. Our trainers and assessors are specialists in the industry who have tailored training approaches that provide you with the skills and knowledge employers are looking for.
We are a specialised training organisation dedicated to providing quality training to those that want to work in the fitness industry and make a difference in the lives of others.

Feel free to ask our trainers for industry advice around employment to guide your entry and progression in this growing industry.

Dedicated Trainer and After Hours Support

Our trainers are not only experienced educators but are also qualified in their field, holding a minimum of Bachelor level qualifications.

They have extensive experience working in the fitness industry. If you’re considering studying with us or have any questions, call us on 1300 511 455 for a friendly, confidential chat with one of our trainers. We are open until 6pm weekdays and offer weekend email support.

Our trainers will not only help you obtain your qualification, but will also give you beneficial insight into the industry to ensure you can hit the ground running after completing your course.

ACFPT will provide the following resources

Online learner dashboard containing:

  • Learner guides and assessment workbooks
  • Online easy to navigate study platform
  • Third party evidence collection booklet
  • Learner and supervisor placement booklet
  • Training products and learning support materials

To complete your qualification, you will need to have access to:

  • A computer with reliable internet access and a web browser
  • A facility to complete work placement under the supervision of a suitability qualified industry expert
This Fast Track course has no Entry Requirements, jump in today and start learning. If you’re unsure how to become a Personal Trainer, this course is for you! Enrol today to earn your Nationally Recognised Qualification.
  • Must meet the entry requirements
  • Be at least 16 years of age *
  • Be eligible to study in Australia with the Australian College of Fitness & Personal Training

*Please note, the fitness industry strongly recommends that persons conducting a business in the provision of fitness instruction, hold relevant insurance, such as public liability and professional indemnity insurance. We recommend, if you intend to operate your own business, you seek legal advice in this regard following the completion of your qualification.

Choose the payment option that suits you:

Total upfront cost: $1499

Payment Plan: Only pay $50 a week! $150 Upfront Deposit + 1st week instalment (Total Cost: $200) Total Course Fees: $2,200.

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Learners will be required to undertake the following supervised work placement hours to satisfy course requirements:

9 Units required – Pre requisite minimum of 40 hours
SIS40221 Certificate IV in fitness minimum of 60 hours

Professional work placement must be suitably resourced for the completion, It is the responsibility of the learner to source a suitably equipped and resourced workplace.

Summary of work placement requirement: (full breakdown provided with enrolment application)

  • Fitness center, gym, or studio
  • Qualified experienced supervisor (minimum Certificate IV in Fitness) with current industry experience
  • Heath and fitness appraisal equipment
  • Resistance training equipment
  • Cardiovascular training equipment
  • Functional training equipment
  • Range of clients with varied ages and needs

Learner must hold the required state or territory working with children check (Blue card) prior to work placement

Work Placement Partners

We have a partnership with the following Fitness organisations, and our learners are more than welcome to do their placement at any of the following gyms and learn from the best in the fitness industry. Browse our full list of placement partners

ACFPT Work Placement Partner Fitness First, ACFPT Internship Partner Fitness FirstACFPT Work Placement Partner Goodlife Health Clubs, ACFPT Internship PartnerGoodlife Health ClubsACFPT Work Placement Partner BFT, ACFPT Internship Partner BFT

Prerequisite Units

SISFFIT032 Complete pre-exercise screening and service orientation
SISFFIT033 Complete client fitness assessments
SISFFIT047 Use anatomy and physiology knowledge to support safe and effective exercise
SISFFIT035 Plan group exercise sessions
SISFFIT036 Instruct group exercise sessions
SISFFIT040 Develop and instruct gym-based exercise programs for individual clients
SISFFIT052 Provide healthy eating information
HLTWHS001 Participate in workplace health and safety
HLTAID011 Provide First Aid (or a unit that supersedes this unit) Must be completed externally

Certificate IV Units

SISFFIT041 Develop personalised exercise programs
SISFFIT042 Instruct personalised exercise sessions
SISFFIT049 Use exercise science principles in fitness instruction
SISFFIT034 Assess client movement and provide exercise advice
SISFFIT043 Develop and instruct personalised exercise programs for body composition goals
SISFFIT044 Develop and instruct personalised exercise programs for older clients
CHCAGE001 Facilitate the empowerment of older people
BSBESB401 Research and develop business plans
SISFFIT051 Establish and maintain professional practice for fitness instruction
SISFFIT045 Develop and instruct personalised exercise programs for adolescent clients
SISFFIT050 Support exercise behaviour change
CHCCOM006 Establish and manage client relationships
BSBESB402 Establish legal and risk management requirements of new business ventures
SISFFIT053 Support healthy eating for individual fitness clients
SISXCAI009 Instruct strength and conditioning techniques
SISFFIT046 Plan and instruct online exercise sessions
SISXCAI010 Develop strength and conditioning programs

All learners will have the opportunity to have their prior learning assessed.

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