Social Enterprise Pricing

We strongly believe that education should be available to everyone.

We operate as a social enterprise to deliver high quality but affordable nationally recognised qualifications.

In the digital age we believe there is no reason for any online nationally recognised qualification to cost thousands of dollars.

As a social enterprise we operate in a profit for purpose model whereby proceeds are reinvested to improve the quality of service and further aim to lower the cost of qualifications, making them more affordable, more engaging, and delivering better outcomes for work ready students.

Buying from social enterprise represents incredible potential in generating positive, widespread social impact. Education has been widely recognised as a significant contributor to overall life satisfaction.

As well as striving to continue to make national qualifications more affordable and continually improving the students learning experience with new technology like virtual reality practical experiences, we have developed professional development programs for people working with children, in particular children at risk.

By choosing to study with us every student is supporting greatly beneficial social enterprise that strives to make education available to everyone.

ACFPT is a proud member of Queensland Social Enterprise Council

Queensland Social Enterprise Limited (QSEC) is an Incorporated Association transitioning to a Company Limited by Guarantee (CLG) and represents ordinary and associate members.