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Application for enrolment


ACFTP is focused on ensuring the integrity of the VET sector is maintained, and that the learner’s success is always a priority. The college ensures that all relevant information is available via this website, or otherwise upon request, to allow applicants to make informed decisions on whether to apply to study with ACFTP.

By submitting an online application form for enrolment and paying the required amount, the applicant acknowledges that they are applying for enrolment at ACFTP.

Once the learner has submitted an application, the college support team will assess the suitability of the course applied for in relation to the learner’s career goals, education history, past and current work experience, and any other information provided by the applicant.

Minimum Entry Requirements for Applicants:

  • Provide a USI
  • Be over 16 yrs
  • Learners will need to arrange for suitable work placement within 90 days of enrolment
  • Please note that some qualifications have other entry requirements. Please refer to the course information to confirm the applicable entry requirements
  • be eligible to study in Australia with ACFPT for the full duration of the course
    • Alternatively, accept that where the applicant holds a current visa that allows for study in Australia with a domestic, non-CRICOS approved RTO that does not cover the full allowed time of study for the course applied for, the applicant accepts and acknowledges that their enrolment will be suspended upon the cessation of their study rights in Australia until such time as the applicant provides evidence that their study rights allow continuation of the course applied for. Under no circumstance will cessation of study rights in Australia be cause for a refund of any sort.

ACFTP is under no obligation to accept an application for enrolment and may, at entirely its own discretion, refuse an application for enrolment based on information provided by the applicant. Reason for refusing the application will be provided in writing to the applicant. An applicant may appeal a decision to refuse an application for enrolment. The appeal shall be governed by the College’s Complaints and Appeals Policy, which is available on our website.

A learner who has their application for enrolment refused will be provided with a full refund of any fees paid. If, after having an application for enrolment refused, that person submits an application for enrolment and pays the required amount, no refund will be offered.